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T02my Вторник, 22.02.2011, 17:42 | Сообщение # 1

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Многие из вас хотели бы видеть новые достижения в HD: TSE, покапавшись в serious sam hd the second encounter\Content\SeriousSamHD_TSE\All.gro\Content\SeriousSamHD_TSE\Locales можно найти файл translation.tbl

Возможно некоторые из них будут в DLC, а может и нет...


1337 Fragger=Frag a total of 1337 players.
Always Use Protection=Finish at least three levels with more than 25 armor.
Backstabber=Frag 100 players with a knife from behind.
Balls of Steel=Find all three Cannons in The City of the Gods.
Bird Hunter=Kill 100 Harpies with the Sniper rifle.
Blank Bomb=Complete valley of the jaguar in singleplay without using serious bomb.
Blondie is not dead=Find Blondie, but don't kill him.
Bone Crusher=Kill 300 Kleers with the Cannon.
Braveheart=Deliver the final blow to Mordekai with the Knife.
Bull dodger=Dodge 50 bull rushes.
Bullet Perfection=Kill 5 Kamikazes in a row with a minigun using 10 bullets.
Burn Baby Burn=Kill 500 enemies with flamer.
Butcher=Frag 100 players with a knife.
Cathedral King=Complete The Grand Cathedral level on serious difficulty without dying or loading.
Chain of Command=Kill Kleer, Werebull, Kleer, Werebull and Kleer in that exact order.
Chary Santa=Find secret Santa in less then 30 seconds.
Co-op assist=Complete a level in co-op with someone who hasn't previously completed it.
Co-op Beginner=Complete any level in at least 3 player coop game.
Coin-op Co-op=Complete a coop game with 3 respawn credits on otherwise non-customized normal or higher difficulty.
Come and Get Me=Frag 5 players in row with your health below 10.
Cosmetic Surgery=Kill 200 Werebulls with Laser gun.
Crazy Fragger=Frag a total of 500 players.
Croteam Secret=Find a Croteam secret.
Death Stealer=Frag 10 players that where below 10 heath when you engaged in fight with them.
Deathmatch Beginner=Complete a deathmatch game with at least 1 frag.
Deathmatch Champion=Win 1000 deathmatch games.
Deathmatch Duelist=Win 25 1-on-1 deathmatches.
Deathmatch Marathon Winner=Win a deathmatch marathon.
Deathmatch Marathon=Complete a deathmatch with frag limit set to at least 200. (Frag limit must be reached!)
Deathmatch Master=Win 100 deathmatch games.
Deathmatch Veteran=Complete 100 deathmatches.
Desperate Fragger=Frag 25 players with a knife while having no more than 10 health left.
Diverse Fragger=Frag 100 different players in deathmatch.
Double Kleer=Kill 2 Kleers with 1 double shotgun shot.
Double-Barreled Psycho=Complete an unbroken 100-kill streak with just the double-barrel, no switching allowed.
Enemy Crusher=Kill 10,000 enemies.
Episode 1 Master=Complete first episode.
Episode 2 Master=Complete second episode.
Episode 3 Master=Complete third episode.
Far Shooter=Kill 50 enemies from distance greater than 100 meters.
Fast Run=Complete any level by beating the estimated time.
Femme Fatale=Frag 50 male characters in at least 3 player deathmatch game while playing as a female character.
Five Million=Score at least 5,000,000 points.
Frag Combo=Perform 4 frags with each being no more than 10 seconds apart from the previous frag in at least 4 player deathmatch.
Fragger=Frag a total of 100 players.
Free Cinderella=Earn 20 achievements to free Cobalt Cinderella.
Game Master=Complete the game.
Go Outside=Play the game for a total combined time of 100 hours.
Grudge=Frag the same player 5 times in a row in at least 4 player deathmatch.
Half the Man I Used to Be=Finish any level with exactly 50 health.
Hardly Serious=Complete the entire game in singleplay on hard difficulty without saving, reloading or dying.
Hot Kiss=Burn 10 enemies in a row.
I came, I sawed, I conquered=Complete any level by only using the Chainsaw.
Inferiority Complex=Kill all Bigheads in the first level.
Insane Play=Earn 25 achievements to unlock Insane difficulty.
It's Raining Birds=Kill at least 3 Harpies with a single rocket.
Kaboom=Kill 10 Kamikaze with one shot.
Kazachok=Each player in at least 14 player cooperative game must kill 10 enemies while all players are crouching.
Kleer Jump=Have an enemy killed by a Kleer's jump attack.
Lady's Boy=Finish any episode with male multiplayer character while other players are female characters in at least 4 player cooperative game.
Laser Madness=Finish any level using only the Laser gun.
Look for the Lights=Destroy 200 fireholders.
Look Ma, I won=Win a deathmatch.
Look, it's 80 secrets=Find at least 80 secrets in single player.
Lumberjack=Chop down 100 trees.
Man and a Half=Finish any level with exactly 150 health.
Matador=Kill 50 Syrian Werebulls with a knife.
Mayan Art=Stand on top of a player totem made of at least 3 players.
Mechanical Chicken=Kill 2 Bio-Mechanoid Majors in a row with a knife.
Mines=Kill 5 enemies at once with a grenade.
Nemesis=Frag the same player 10 times during a single round in at least 4 player deathmatch.
No Ammo Please=Finish any level without picking any ammo.
One Hit Wonder=Kill 25 enemies in a row without using bullets while on 5 health or less.
Only One Left=Kill 10 enemies in a row while on 1 health.
Paradox Call=Make a call from 3 different phone booths.
Queen=Win as Femme Fatale.
Rocket Fest=Destroy 100 incoming rockets.
Rocket Jumper=Perform 100 rocket jumps.
Rocket Man=Get all 3 Rocket launchers in Sierra de Chiapas.
Royal Frag Combo=Frag all players in a single frag combo.
Sam I am=Accumulate a total of 100,001 enemy kills and frags combined.
Secret Perfectionist=Find all secrets.
Serious Beginner=Complete any level in single player.
Serious Fragger=Frag a total of 1000 players.
Serious Run=Complete the game in single player by beating estimated time on each level.
Serious Sam=Complete the game in single player on serious difficulty.
Seriously Normal=Complete the entire game in singleplay on normal difficulty without saving, reloading or dying.
Seriously Serious=Complete the entire game in singleplay on serious difficulty without saving, reloading or dying.
Server=Complete any level with at least 5 people joining your own multiplayer server.
Shield=Survive 3 cannonballs in a row without dying from the walls in The Grand Cathedral.
Sole Survivor=Earn all survival achievements to build your survival character (20% faster movement, 50% more power to laser, 100% more power to minigun).
Space Marine=Kill 1000 enemies with the Laser gun.
Speed=Finish the game in singleplayer in under 4 hours.
Strange co-op=Complete a level with a stranger in co-op.
Stronger Sam=Earn 30 achievements in singleplay or cooperative to build your singleplay/coop character (double max health and shield storage, 25% faster double shotgun reloading, 25% more power to rocket launcher).
Superior Fragger=Earn all versus achievements to build your versus character (25% faster double shotgun reloading, 50% more power to rocket launcher, 50% more power to chainsaw).
Surprise=Kill an enemy with a rocket that has been in the air for at least 7 seconds.
Swift Man=Keep the streak of kills over 2 minutes with 2 seconds or less apart from each kill.
Swordsman=Frag 100 players in a knife-to-knife fight.
Synergy=Complete a co-op game on normal or higher difficulty with at least 3 players at all times without anyone dying once.
Tastes like Chicken=Kill 25 Harpies with the flamethrower.
Ten Million=Score at least 10,000,000 points.
Tomb Digger=Find all secrets in the Valley of the Jaguar.
Tommy Master=Kill 50 enemies with Tommygun while on 25 health or less.
Trigger Happy=Get 20 kills in a row with a Minigun without releasing the trigger.
Untouchable=Win an at least 4 player deathmatch by reaching frag limit of at least 25 without dying.
Useful minions=Kill Mordekai's summonings for 10 minutes.
Walking Explosion=Stay on top of Kamikaze for 30 seconds.
Wild Beast=Earn all beast hunt achievements to build your beast hunt character (25% faster double shotgun reloading, 50% more power to laser, 100% more power to minigun).
Wild West Sam=Kill all enemies in any level using only pistols.

Спасибо Discy с S-Зоны за обнаружение не включённых достижений.

NR Вторник, 22.02.2011, 18:03 | Сообщение # 2

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Блин,лучше бы Dsl ыдали бесплатно тому,у которого есть SE или FE а то спаять две игры в одну,блин,надо было подождать DSL а не покупать SE...

T02my Вторник, 22.02.2011, 18:04 | Сообщение # 3

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Если у тебя есть FE HD и SE HD, то DLC - бесплатно.

RealCrazyMan Вторник, 22.02.2011, 18:52 | Сообщение # 4

Kind Devil
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T02my, Придется купить FE HD =\

Съешь еще этих мягких французских чаек да выпей булок.

Сыны Интернета, мои братья! Я вижу в ваших глазах тот же страх, который сжимал моё сердце. Возможно, наступит день, когда мужество оставит род людей, и мы предадим пиратов и будем покупать лицензионные игры — но только не сегодня. Может быть, придёт час чиновников, когда правообладатели победят и настанет закат эпохи свободы — но только не сегодня! Сегодня мы качаем… и раздаем все, что вы так любите на этой славной земле. Зову вас на трекеры, Последователи Пиратов!
KirillSe Среда, 23.02.2011, 17:42 | Сообщение # 5

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RCM, Мне тоже - у меня сейчас просто HD FE пиратка,а так охота в FE достижения попробовать.... <_<

NR Четверг, 24.02.2011, 16:05 | Сообщение # 6

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Если DSL будет дороже FE то я куплю FE и получи DSL бесплатно :p :p :p :p :p

Добавлено (24.02.2011, 16:05)

Dahaca Четверг, 24.02.2011, 18:23 | Сообщение # 7

Всего лишь геймер
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Quote (NR)
Если DSL будет дороже FE

не бывать этому! 300 руб.! Ну и игра гдето столько же. :D

Twitter! Подпишись на Serious Time!
Cheboxar Четверг, 24.02.2011, 21:56 | Сообщение # 8

Ужас летящий на крыльях ночи
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Урааа ! Если всем у кого СС СЕ и ФЕ бесплатно то мне повезло :D

--uGh--zAn-- Понедельник, 28.02.2011, 18:39 | Сообщение # 9

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А чё это такое то!

Для меня заблокирована ЛЮБАЯ активность. Могу только страницы просматривать. Можно мне писать на форуме? Админы? Модераторы?
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