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The source of the Thief enemy's picture?
PikaCommando Суббота, 25.05.2019, 19:17 | Сообщение # 1

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Now I know we can't trust anything from the SS Wikia anymore but I have no doubt that this image of the cut Thief enemy is genuine.

The only thing that troubles me is where this image came from. An old interview? A Croteam blog post on their old website? An old forgotten thread from SeriousZone from a time when Croteam still posted there regularly? I've searched far and wide and still have no leads to the source of this image. The quality of the image suggests that it came from an online source since it does not have any noticeable scanmarks and therefore could not have originated from a magazine.

Another thing to consider is the claims on the Fishman's wiki page that claims that the Thief is a newer model for the Sam2000 Fishman and had the ability to steal the player's ammo and armor, which are all unsupported by any sources. It's possible that these claims came from the same source as the image but it could also be pure speculation on the Wikia editor's part.

The only concrete information we have on the Thief so far is that:
1. It is a new-breed enemy that only came into existence after Sam2000 was cancelled and became TFE (the other new-breeds being Reebans, Marsh-Hoppers, and Reptiloids).
2. It would have appeared in at least 2 levels: In Metropolis, Thieves would be in the rich city area with the scarab keys where they steal the keys that Sam needed to go to the next corridor section and Sam have to chase them around the city to get the keys back and in Terrain&LavaCaves (a level speculated to have become Land of the Damned in TSE) where a Thief would try to stop Sam's progress during a puzzle section by pressing a switch that Sam has already pressed, reverting what Sam did.
3. It was going to reappear in SS2 as an enemy named Gary the Thief but ultimately became a player model.

If anybody here knows exactly where this image came from, please enlighten me.

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