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I need help
Mkbewe Понедельник, 30.07.2012, 12:01 | Сообщение # 1

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Who can help me? My friend
search map. Below is describe of
this map.
- The thumbnail had a scene
with a giant staircase made of
spiral and some demons.
- The first room in the level was
a corridor with pillars and thick
fog. Behind you, if you ran far
enough collected a Tommy-gun
secret with some bullets.
- When you got outside, the area
was enclosed and there was a
giant staircase spiraling up to a
sniper rifle i think. There was
grass everywhere.
- On your left are big pyramids
which you can enter and some
other mayan temples
surrounding the scene.
- After leaving the pyramids you
enter one or two courtyards
filled with trees and grass.
- Assumable I think the level's
name started with a V or
There was a courtyard
and it was the last part in the
map and they were trees in it.
The door closed behind me. The
room behind me was a pyramid
shaped room. I'm not sure if it's
the map or not.
I don't remember the story
much but here's how the level
went. Probably you may have
this map, or you might know
what it's name is called so I can
look for it.
This map has Teotihuacan scene
(pyramids surronding it). You
start in a large temple in a
corridor in fog (behind it is a
secret tommygun). If you go
forward you will exit the temple
into a courtyard outside. Behind
you is the big temple. To your
north and a bit to the left is a
big pyramid. This is outside. The
ground is grass. In front is the
giant spiral staircase with 2
demon statues next to it.
At the top of the spiral staircase
is a sniper rifle. So it's for the
2nd encounter definitely. You
later enter that pyramid I
mentioned earlier. Inside it
somewhere is a blue river pit (I
definitely know it's there) and
the second half of the pyramid
has gnaars where a counter
displays every time you kill them
like (8 more to go...). The door
opens to an outside courtyard
flooded with trees and green
grass. They were harpy witches in
this room. They were 2
courtyards (or one). At the end
led to a door. The
BACKGROUND was also sunny
and bright.
I THINK this maps name was
something along the line of
"Verdana ". I think THAT was the
name I'm not sure. It wasn't that
name exactly but close.
Maybe You have this map?

My Youtube channel

My Steam account
SeriousNikc Понедельник, 30.07.2012, 13:03 | Сообщение # 2

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It sounds like a fairy tale :)
Maybe "Veranda"
Sorry, I do not know :(
Сообщение отредактировал SeriousNikc - Понедельник, 30.07.2012, 13:06

"Существует ли жизнь без Windows?" (с)
Форум » Serious Sam » Serious Sam 1 (SE/FE) » I need help
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