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Serious Sam Xbox
Emilio Среда, 31.07.2013, 21:44 | Сообщение # 1

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Hello, I´m new in the forum, and forgive I can not speak / read Russian this thread so I will write in english :D, and I have a question, is possible to use models SSXbox (no the mod) I got the SSX and check and discovered that there are very similar things, but now I remember only saw them (or try to see) with SED classic, and I only charge some models (obviusly. mdl) and sound (by the way, if you are interested in the cutscenes of SSX, need binkvideos by example, also convert the sound files), my question is: has anyone ever tried to use these files?, because the file type is .bmc (binari mesh), but it and discovered a program to open it (the textures, these if they are very different to the format is different, but I repeat, I just probe with SED1) Thanks in advance.(attach a model to prove the lighter, the knife)
- All the best
I forget to mention the maps, these come in a format very similar, those if you can open, but you have to change the address to open (at least one of deathmach), others have new entities as savebothgame, areamarker and others.
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Bi’ix a beele’ex, weey
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