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[WIP][SSR] Serious Sam: The Exhumed Encounter
FireSeraphim Пятница, 13.03.2015, 22:54 | Сообщение # 1

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What is this?
The Exhumed Encounter is my first and current Serious Sam project and mapset. The Exhumed Encounter is loosely based on and inspired by maps from the PSX and PC versions of Powerslave (otherwise known as Exhumed in Europe)

Why make this?

  • Because the Serious Engine is most ideal for this project due to it's capability far exceeding the capabilities of the SlaveDriver or Build Engine
  • Because I want to at least put a dent in the drought of single player mapsets for Serious Sam
  • Because I am kinda jaded with the Doom community (due to that community's hard core "creative" conservatism and overall blind worship of Vanilla Doom based and Boom based sourceports and their seemingly outright blind dislike of ZDoom based mapsets and mods) and I wanted to generally start over and for me, making maps with SED1 (the variant that Revolution has) is a chance at a new start, this community is still young and open minded.
  • Because I believe this has the potential to be an awesome thing in of itself.

Do you have any concrete plans for this project?
I do have a few plans, some of which are dependent on SSR's continued development as a Serious Sam Classic Sourceport.

  • Hopefully when the feature to create custom enemies becomes available I would like to recreate a few of Powerslave's enemies to add to this project bestiary, such as the Mummies, the Anubis Zombies (which I will rename to Anubis Warriors), The Bastets and the Terrarians (tiny blue scorpion enemies, slightly smaller than a Marshhopper), as well as the three boss enemies (Set, Selkis, and Kilmaatikhan the Kilmaat Queen)
  • Also I am hoping the feature to code custom weaponry becomes available as well due to my interest in adding just the Cobra Staff, the Amun Bombs and the Ring of Ra to Sam's arsenal. (The Cobra Staff in all versions of Powerslave fired a homing serpert project but not very rapidly. It's kinda like the rocket launcher of Powerslave so to speak, the Amun Bomb is an accurate grenade that explodes on impact with any surface or any enemy and the Ring of Ra fire a shitton of tiny bouncy projectiles)
  • There's a few songs in the Powerslave OST that either need "Peace" or "Medium" variants of themselves and unfortunately I am no musician, I also do not have the money to hire Ms. Valens and I am hoping for some volunteer musicians.

Here is a list of the planned levels for this project, the list itself may subject to change, maybe even more than once: Click here for the proposed levels list.

Do you have any screenshots or anything to show for what all you have said so far?
Why yes I do.

Newer Screenshots

Gameplay Videos
playthrough footage of "E1M2 - Dendur" recorded by our resident cameraman, Artyom Havok

Progress Notes (Updated)

  • one of the problems that had me eventually leaving the Doom community was the lack of feedback I got in proportion to the amount of views my thread got. I don't care if people simply say "it looks good" or "I like it", Any feedback is appreciated. (My problem was that I barely got any feedback but got a frustratingly high amount of thread views meaning that I know people are aware of my project but are hesitant to say anything whatsoever)
  • I would deeply appreciate some volunteer modelers, due to my desire to recreate some of Powerslave's unique props to make it stand out a bit from SSFE.
  • On that note I will confess that I have been dabbling with Wings3D and I recently made my first successful model (with some help from Slawww)
  • I'm also open to people who might be interested in mapping for this project, just as long as you PM me first
  • For a long time I kinda hesitated posting here due the language barrier involved, But I keep hearing about how alot of SED1 Mappers called this place home. Now there's still stuff about SED1 that I do not know about and I hope to improve on my skills with using SED1 here. My prior Mapping experience mostly involved me making DOOM maps using GZDOOM Builder (A special branch of Doombuilder target solely towards making Doom maps using the features of the GZDoom source port)

thecre Суббота, 14.03.2015, 10:55 | Сообщение # 2

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Цитата FireSeraphim ()
Hopefully when the feature to create custom enemies becomes available

Цитата FireSeraphim ()
Also I am hoping the feature to code custom weaponry becomes available

You can use Serious Sam SDK for this purpose. Yes, it's harder than scripting in SSR, but more powerful too.

Anyway, really great project, looks very good.

ZIM Суббота, 14.03.2015, 14:59 | Сообщение # 3

Коренной ментал=))
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Wow! I have never heard about Powerslave and have never played it. Gameplay description of this game on wiki looks interesting and unsusual for game like Serious Sam. I really wonder how it will looks like, when it will done. Also as I can see on screenshots, level design looks really good too.

As Thecre already have wrote, you can use Serious Sam 1.07 SDK for adding absolutly new enemy classes or new types or characters of old enemies. It's pretty easy.
I can suggest to you some articles:
http://www.serioussite.ru/forum/5-3341-1 - how to start use SDK.
http://www.serioussite.ru/publ....1-0-120 - How to add new enemy type.
http://www.serioussite.ru/publ....-1-0-50 - how to add new params to your ememy.
http://www.serioussite.ru/publ....-1-0-87 - Few words about weapons.
You can try to read this with Google Translate.
I also have seen a lot of information about SDK on Seriouszone forum, you can try to use this too. As I can see, you native english speaker, so simple c++ coding must be pretty easy for you.

Форум » Общие » International Hub » [WIP][SSR] Serious Sam: The Exhumed Encounter (It's about time this place got a thread for this project.)
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