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Форум » Serious Sam » Работы пользователей » DMI-1407 - All Warped Maps for Deathmatch
DMI-1407 - All Warped Maps for Deathmatch
DMI-1407 Понедельник, 21.03.2016, 07:28 | Сообщение # 1

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I've rebuild all Maps from the Warped (SWDM) Mod so that the can be played in Deathmatch mode in SSTSE a long time ago.
With all Maps i mean the Maps from the Warped Mod for SSTFE are included too.
The Maps are tested with Version 1.07 from SSTSE and maybe they can be played with Mods too but
they shouldn't work with SSTFE without deleting some stuff and resaveing them.
It can be possible to play this Maps with Revolution too but please refer to this post. ;)

It was done by removing all Warped specific entities to load the Datas into the Editor from SSTSE to fix some stuff and build it so that it's playable for Deathmatch mode. (So you don't have the Warped Guns)

The Maps will be displayed as a grey colored list in the game as in the Screenshot shown below:

If you download this Mappack full with SWDM Maps you will get the Maps listed below:

  • CTF Badlands (FE)
  • CTF Orion (FE)
  • CTF Pyramids (FE)
  • CTF Storm (FE)
  • CZ KingOfTheHill (FE)
  • CZ MobiusStairway (FE)
  • CZ TheMonolith (FE)
  • CZ Turbine (FE)
  • OT Eclipse (FE)
  • OT TheBazaar (FE)
  • RG Coliseum (FE)
  • RG ReactorCore (FE)
  • RG TheTwoTowers (FE)
  • STO Duel (FE)
  • STO Grid (FE)
  • TCZ FrontLine (FE)
  • TCZ Station (FE)
  • CTF_Badlands (SE)
  • CTF Temple (SE)
  • CZ Coliseum2250 (SE)
  • CZ MobiusStairway (SE)
  • CZ TheMonolith (SE)
  • OT Coug (SE)
  • OT Eclipse (SE)
  • RG CourtYard (SE)
  • RG ReactorCore (SE)
  • RG TwoTowers (SE)
  • STO Grid (SE)
  • TCZ FrontLine (SE)
  • TCZ Station (SE)

Simply put the file "Warped_FE+SE_DM-Maps.gro" into your Maindirectory of SSTSE.
(e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Croteam\Serious Sam - The Second Encounter\)

Filesize: 73.207.525 Bytes
MD5: f8187e14550df71871ecf192f9d8f62b
SHA-1: f95bb2201f733fd76b0a1f834eaca15edddfba28
(You should recieve a .gro file, not a .zip file.)

Download it here: Click
(The link will redirect you over an ad service, wait 5sec and click on the upper right Button to get the file.)

Please don't use the directlinks from mega, for sharing use the link to this post.
Thank you. :p


(Every Image shows a Map)

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Thanadrax Среда, 23.03.2016, 00:23 | Сообщение # 2

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Dunno why but this new colloseum is making me love this project

Форум » Serious Sam » Работы пользователей » DMI-1407 - All Warped Maps for Deathmatch
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