Serious Sam classic TFE and TSE Skin packs v2

Serious Sam classic TFE and TSE Skin packs v2 
These skins are created not by me (except Brett Sanderson , I just downloaded them from several SS fan websites and added to one pack. It has very many skins plus In TFE pack there are added multiplayer characters from original TSE game, including Sam without glasses. Also in both packs there are such famous characters as Duke Nukem, Ugh-Zan III :grr: , Serious Samantha and many more.
After extracting put all files from folder Serious Sam TFE/TSE Skins to C:\Porgram Files\Croteam\Serious sam/Serious sam - the second encounter (or place where you installed this game).
v2: Added more skins (it's double more than before), now you can look like characters from Half-Life, GTA San Andreas, Dragon Ball, Spider-Man, Minecraft, Star Wars, Terminator, The Mask and others.
Also you can play as enemies for example: gnaar, headless kamikaze, arachnoid, bio mechanoid, fish...
Some screenshots:

Download here: 


№ 5  |  18.03.2017  |  0  
Тут вобще нет скинов!
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№ 4  |  22.01.2014  |  0  
тут кажись абсолютно все скины, которые есть пока ну, на этом сайте Ssmile4 Ssmile4
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№ 3  |  30.10.2013  |  0  
ЭМ что это дай скрин
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№ 1  |  01.11.2012  |  +2  
Screenshots of skins please.
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Added link to screenshots Gnaar
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